Fern Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

different ways to use the fern stitch

Say Hello to the Cute & Easy Fern Stitch

The fern stitch as the name suggests looks like a fern leaf. It reminds me a lot of the long tail fly stitch stacked on top of each other, but the technique is different and the differences are subtle as with many other stitches.

It can be used to create design elements, plants like hanging vines, the fletching of an arrow, borders, & even open fills. You can also add little beads to your fern stitch to add a bit of bling which can be pretty fun!

Fern Stitch: Method 1

There are two methods to creating the fern stitch that I’ll cover & I encourage you to follow along because it’s always easier to remember something when you do them. 🙂

Here’s the first technique.

  • Add 3 parallel guide lines to make things a bit easier to see.
  • Start your needle at the beginning of the middle line and add a straight stitch from A to B.
straight stitch from A to B

Come up at C. It should be about a 45° angle from B.

Return to the back at B.

It’s time to do the same to the other side. Come up at D at a 45° angle from B. Then return to the back at B.

Create another stitch in the center by coming up at E then returning to the back at B.

Now repeat the steps down your guide lines until you’re happy with the length.

Fern Stitch: Method 2

The second method starts with a back stitch down the center guideline.

All you have to do from here is add your 45° angles on each side.

Continue this all the way down your guide line.

Using the Fern Stitch

The embroidery tutorials above are created along straight lines but it’s easy to make it more organic so it looks like it’s flowing. Try creating circles, ovals, and vines.

fern stitch variations making up several designs

Create arrows using the fern stitch… just add a back stitch between the arrow point and the fletching.

The fern stitch can also be used to create a border, accents, and even fills.

They’re also perfect for creating bits of foliage.

And don’t forget that you can combine it with other stitches, like the french knot or lazy daisy stitch for example. You can really go nuts with creativity here!

fern stitch mixed with other stitches

Adding Beads to Your Fern Stitch

If you want to add a little sparkle to your stitch just add a few beads as you go. Use whatever beads you like. I found a few copper beads from my stash and added them to mine.

Add then to the center, sides, or wherever your heart desires. You can be playful about where you place them.

fern stitch with beads

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Yow now have a new embroidery stitch in your tool box so you’ll be able to create some beautiful pieces of embroidery art and include this adorable stitch in your work!

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Fern Stitch Tutorial with fern stitches in different combinations on hooped fabric

Embroidery Video Tutorial

Enjoy the video tutorial below for the fern stitch which includes both methods covered above.

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