Cute Tulip Stitch Tutorial

tulip stitch variations on hooped red fabric

Let’s make some super adorable miniature tulips with the tulip stitch. This embroidery stitch is pretty darn cute and so easy it’s perfect for anyone who is just learning how to embroider.

They make sweet little flowers and can be grouped to create decorative patterns. It’s also a fun embroidery stitch for making parts of a snowflake!

Let’s just jump right in!

Here’s How to Make a Basic Tulip Stitch

The tulip stitch starts with a lazy daisy stitch (aka detached chain stitch).

Here I have a guideline drawn out and am going to start at the very top.

Come up to the top of your fabric and return to the back through the same hole or as close to it as possible, and leave a small loop behind.

thread coming up at the top and needle returning back through the same hole

Come up through your loop about one stitch length down and gently pull your thread from the back so your loop hugs your needle. Then pull your needle through.

small loop at the top of red fabric

Create a little stitch to hold your loop down. All you have to do is return to the back just below your loop. This stitch can be short or long.

lazy daisy stitch on red fabric

Next, make a ‘v’ under your lazy daisy stitch.

Come up off the the side. Then push your needle through the small stitch this is holding down your loop and pull it through.

Thread coming up to the left of a lazy daisy stitch and needle moving under the small stitch at the bottom of the loop.

Return to the back on the other side to finish creating the ‘v’ shape.

Vary It Up!

The tulip stitch can be used alone or grouped. They can be stacked like this to resemble a spine.

5 tulip stitches stacked on top of each other

Here are a few ways you can vary it up.

  • Make the stem short or long.
  • Group them randomly
  • Stack them with a short stem
  • Stack them with a long stem
  • Make the ‘v’ a different color
  • Add two ‘v’s. Make the second ‘v’ a different color.
tulip stitch variations on hooped red fabric

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick embroidery stitch tutorial! Try adding the tulip stitch to add a little detail to things like your collar, side of your socks, dog bandanas, napkins, and whatever else you can think of. It’s sure to make things just a bit more special. 🙂

Video Tutorial

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Red hooped fabric with tulip stitch