Procreate Basics Lesson 1: The Gallery

Get to Know Your Procreate Gallery with the gallery open on ipad

New to Procreate? Start with Procreate Basics!

If you’re brand new to the world of Procreate then these lessons are just for you!

Procreate opens the door for so much creative expression but you need to know how to use its tools to create sketches, drawings, paintings, and even animation!

I’ve been using Procreate for about 5 or 6 years and I use it practically every day to create my art & designs from detailed art to fabric and embroidery patterns. I’ve learned a lot over the years and I’m happy to share my know-how’s with you!

Apple pencil pointing to Procreate on ipad

Because I have the beginner in mind I’ll cover Procreate basics and show you how to use all the tools needed to get started, and anything that is a bit more advanced won’t be covered here.

I’ll break things down into easy to digest portions, and when all is said and done you’ll be on your way to creating your very first masterpiece!

I’ll be starting from the very beginning which is… the Procreate Gallery.

❤️ Oh, and note that anytime I say, “Apple pencil” I’m referring to whatever stylus you use.

So grab your ipad and let’s start!

Exploring Procreate’s Gallery Page

The first thing you’ll see when you open Procreate is the Gallery page.

This is where your files sit when you create them. They can sit as a stand alone file or you can stack files together into one folder.

With a quick glance you’ll be able to tell the difference between a single file and a folder as the stacks are visible in folders.

Procreate files: stacked vs individual
Here’s what you can do in the Gallery section:
  • Name your files
  • Move your files around
  • Stack files and folders
  • Open, share, duplicate, and delete single files
  • Import files
  • Create a slide show of your files
  • Create canvases
  • Select, import, share, duplicate, and delete a group of files at once.

How to Name Your Files

File names sit below your files and folders. Just tap the current file or folder name and the keyboard will pop up so you can rename it.

file name location in Procreate
Renaming file in Procreate

Moving & Stacking your Files and Folders:

  • Hold your Apple pencil or finger down on your file or folder for a second or two, then drag and drop it to its new location.
  • Stacking (this is how you create folders):
    • Drag and drop your file on top of another file. It will automatically combine the files to create a folder.
    • If you’re dragging a file or folder on top of another folder wait until the folder opens before you drop it in.
    • Procreate can create folders but not sub-folders. If you combine folders your images will all end up in one folder.
  • If you need to remove a file from a folder, drag it to the name of the folder at the top left and it will open the Gallery page where you can drop it.

Open, Share, Duplicate, and Delete Single Files:

  • To open your file just tap on it.
  • To Share, Duplicate, and Delete single files, swipe left on your file.
Swipe left on file revealing Share, Duplicate, Delete menu

When you Share files you’ll be able to select from several file formats.

File formats you can share

Let’s Go Over the Menu at the Top Right.

Here we have: Select, Import, Photo, and a + icon.

Menu at the top right of gallery circled

Tap Select and your menu will change. These function will allow you to Stack, Preview, Share, Duplicate, and Delete groups of files and folders at once.

  • To use Stack you’ll need to select your files or folders first, then hit stack.
  • Preview allows you to view the files or folders you select in slide format so you don’t have to open each file.
  • Use Share to share a group of files or folders.
  • Duplicate will duplicate a group of files or folders.
  • Delete will delete a group of files or folders.
  • Tap X to return to the original gallery menu.
  • To import files tap Import and Procreate will open up the last location you used.
  • To open up other locations like your iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive, tap the little icon at the top left.

Tap Photo to import photos from your Camera Roll in your Photo Gallery on your ipad.

+ Icon
  • Tap + to create a new canvas.
  • You’ll find pre-existing canvas sizes but if you don’t see the size you need then tap the little black which also has a small + to create a custom canvas.
  • If you select Screen Size it will create a canvas that matches the dimensions of your ipad.
Where to create new canvas... top right where + is

Yay! Guess what?

You’ve made it through the first round and now you should be able to share, duplicate, delete files, and organize them. Play around with everything you learned today and soon you’ll be navigating around your Procreate gallery like a pro!

The second round of Procreate basics will focus on creating your canvas. See you there!

If you’re already familiar with the basics and want learn something new like how to create a paper cut out effect then head to that post or visit my Digital blog for more ideas!

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