• apple butter in a jar with a spoon and 3 apples
    Recipes,  Crock Pot Recipes

    Easy Peasy Apple Butter Recipe

    This Easy Peasy Apple Butter Recipe will Make You Warm & Fuzzy! It requires little effort and is packed with rich warm flavors. It’s amazingly simple, requires no peeling, and thanks to the slow cooker you can walk away and do your nails, read a book, or take a nice long nap! Literally! With the onset of cooler temperatures &…

  • Procreate selection tool used to select part of a mushroom
    Procreate Basics,  Digital Tutorials

    Lesson 8: Procreate Selection Tool

    Fine Tune your Artwork with Procreate’s Selection Tool! If you ever need to adjust any part of your artwork the Procreate Selection Tool provides you with powerful and precise methods with control options to help you do just that. Are you ready to learn?! 😃 Lesson 1: Procreate Gallery Lesson 2: Setting up your Canvas Lesson 3: Colors Lesson 4:…

  • Dashed box with nodes around a mushroom. Procreate transform tool Lesson 9
    Procreate Basics,  Digital Tutorials

    Lesson 9: Procreate Transform Tools

    Use Procreate Transform Tools to Move, Scale, & Manipulate Your Artwork! Hey! Wow! We’re on our last Procreate Basics Lesson and it’s all about Procreate Transform and the ways you’ll be able to move and manipulate the size of your artwork. Here’s the list of lessons first, just in case you need a refresher before you dive into today’s lesson:…

  • rose made from the woven wheel
    Embroidery,  Embroidery Stitches Library

    Woven Wheel Stitch Tutorial

    ‘Wheel’ Be Learning How to Create the Woven Wheel 😉 Fall is here and I’m feeling that chill in the air, especially at night, but I prefer cooler weather so I welcome it! I will miss the flowers but they’ll be back before I know it. Speaking of flowers, I listed a floral embroidery pdf pattern in my Etsy shop…

  • close up of a bowl with scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, green chili, sour cream, tomatoes, lime, and a tortilla
    Breakfast Ideas,  Recipes

    Hearty Tex Mex Scrambled Eggs

    Start your Day with a Hearty Tex Mex Scrambled Eggs Bowl Some mornings I wake up with a huge appetite…so a nice scrambled egg breakfast with a hot cup of fresh coffee is the first thing on my mind! And while a side of bacon would be amazing with my breakfast, I’m not always in the mood for it. I…

  • fly fish and fishbone stitch open filled leaves
    Embroidery,  Embroidery Stitches Library

    Open Fill Fly and Fishbone Stitch

    How to Fill Leaves with the Open Fill Fly Fish & Fishbone Stitch Hey, how’s it flying? Pun intended 😉 With nights getting cooler and cooler the leaves on my trees are beginning to change colors and drop so I guess you can say it has inspired me to do today’s tutorial on how to open fill leaves using the…

  • Embroidery hoop with 7 flowers
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    7 Easy Flower Embroidery Tutorials

    7 Flower Embroidery Tutorials You Can Master Easily! Oh flowers! Mother Nature definitely made sure we have plenty to love and be inspired by. And while some of us may have allergies to certain flowers, like myself, it’s still hard not to ignore just how beautiful they are. Their popularity is pretty obvious when you see them popping up in…