Lesson 7: Procreate Adjustments Tutorial

Glitch applied to leaves with text: Procreate adjustments lesson 7

Perfect Your Masterpiece with Procreate Adjustments!

With Procreate Adjustments you can perfect your work of art by Adjusting Colors, Sharpness, Noise, Blur, and more, including special effects to make your work magical! So let’s get to it!

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Procreate Adjustments are divided into two groups:

Your Procreate Adjustments can be found by tapping the little ribbon icon next to your Wrench at the top left.

Procreate adjustment panel open

Procreate Adjustments are divided into Adjustments which are at the top, and Filters located below.

I’ll explain each one briefly and I encourage you to experiment with each adjustment and filter as this will be the best way to understand and familiarize yourself with their abilities.

Layer & Pencil Filters

With the exception of Liquify and Clone you’ll be able to select Layer or Pencil.

  • Layer: Your adjustment or filter will affect the entire layer.
  • Pencil: Your adjustment or filter can be applied to specific sections of your work by brushing them on.
Layer and pencil option

If you’re not using an Apple Pencil you will only be able to use the Layer Selection.

Procreate Adjustments: Adjustment Options

Your adjustments consist of the following:

Hue, Saturation, Brightness

Use the slider at the bottom to make changes to your Color, Vibrancy, and Lightness.

hue, vibrancy, and saturation sliders at the bottom

Remember, you can select Layer so your changes affect the entire layer, or you can choose Pencil and brush the changes onto specific areas of your layer. Here, I selected Pencil and brushed my changes in on the right side.

part of leaf with adjustments made using pencil option
Color Balance

Apply color changes to Highlights, Mid-Tones, or Shadows using the slider below.

highlights, mid-tones, and shadow sliders open at the bottom of procreate canvas

Adjust the amount of Red, Green, and Blue in your artwork using an intuitive curve. Move the curve with your Apple pencil or stylus to adjust.

Gradient Map

Map out alternative colors to your artwork’s highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.

gradient map applied to leaves to change color gradient

Procreate Adjustments: Filter Options

Filters can add some unique and dramatic visual effects to your artwork to bring it up another level!

Gaussian Blur

This is one of my most used filters and it softens up your artwork. To apply this, tap Gaussian Blur then drag your Apple pencil horizontally to find the perfect blur.

gaussian blur applied to leaves
Motion Blur

This filter will give your work a little blurry streak to give it the illusion of movement. Drag your Apple pencil in the direction of the blur you’d like to apply.

motion blur applied to leaves
Perspective Blur

With Perspective Blur you’ll be able to create directional radial blurs. Tap Perspective Blur then move the disc on your canvas to the point of origin, where you want the blur to begin.

perspective blur applied to leaves

Adjust the amount of blur by sliding your Apple pencil horizontally across your canvas, left or right. You’ll be able to see how much blur you’re adding at the top of your screen where you’ll find a blue bar.

You can still move your disc around to different locations after blurring if it’s not quite where you want it.


Adjust the graininess of your artwork by dragging your Apple pencil horizontally on your canvas. Select from 3 different Noise options: Clouds, Billow, and Ridges.

noise applied to leaves

Drag your Apple pencil in either direction to adjust the crispness of your artwork.


Want to create a lighting effect to your artwork or part of it? Experiment with the options (Transition, Size, and Burn) to create the Bloom effect you’re after.

Warm orange circle on black background with solid edges
Before bloom is applied
glowing yellow circle on black background
After bloom is applied


As the name suggest, it’ll apply a glitchy effect. Select from 4 different Glitch effect and adjust them to perfect your artwork.

glitch effect applied to leaves

Use this filter to create an effect that mimics retro colors or newspaper halftones.

halftone effect on leaves
Chromatic Aberration

This filter shifts the red and blues of an RGB image from different perspectives which are similar to camera effects that leave behind a little blue or red halo.

chromatic abberation effect applied to leaves

Push, Twirl, Pinch, Expand and more to Liquify your artwork! Use it to make tiny little adjustments or dramatic ones. Adjust your Liquify options using the sliding bars below to control the Size, Distortion, Pressure, and Momentum of this filter.

liquify effect applied to leaves

And if you think you may have gone a little nuts with it, which can be so easy to do, you’ll be able to Reset, Adjust, or Reconstruct your actions using the Reconstruct, Adjust, or Reset options.

liquify adjustment at 100%
Strength at max
liquify set back to 54%
Strength at 54%

Clone part of your image by dragging your disc to the area you’d like to clone, then paint anywhere on your canvas to replicate it using any brush.

clone tool on tip of leaf
Clone tool on tip of leaf
leaf cloned using the clone tool
Leaf tip cloned

Take some time to play around with these adjustments and filter. There are so many powerful and amazing things they can do and familiarizing yourself with each option will give expand what you can do with Procreate!

We have just two more lessons to go! I’ll see you in Lesson 8 which is all about the Selection Tool.

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Procreate adjustments example with Glitch applied to leaves