Lesson 6: Procreate Actions Menu

Procreate Actions lesson 6. Actions menu open on ipad

Procreate Actions help you Customize, Import & Share Files, Crop, Resize, & More!

Want to learn how you can customize Procreate to suit your preferences using the Actions menu ? Let’s get started on Procreate Basics Lesson 6 🙂

Here is the itinerary in case you need to head back for a refresher on previous lessons:

Open the Procreate Actions menu by tapping the Wrench icon at the top left. This will open up a panel with a list of Actions at the top: Add, Canvas, Share, Video, Prefs, and Help.

Procreate actions icon is circled with arrow pointing to it's options

Procreate Actions: ADD

Under Add, you can Add Images and Text, as well as Take a Photo to insert onto your canvas (A).

You’ll also be able to Cut, Copy, and Paste your entire canvas or just sections of your artwork (B).

Showing location of adjustments and special effects

When you Add Text a text box will appear on your canvas. Add your text inside the box, then tap Aa at the top right of your keyboard to access other editing options.

Text box and keyboard

You can change the font, style, design, and change the attributes of your text.

selection of fonts, style, design, and attributes for text in text box

These editing options can also be access by opening your Layer’s Options Menu. This is also where you’ll find Rasterize to rasterize your type.

Text is created as a vector in Procreate so it will always be nice and crisp, no matter if you enlarge it or not, but to apply any sort of effect to it it needs to be rasterized and converted into pixels.

Once it’s converted into pixels enlarging it can affect the quality so be sure it’s at the size you want before rasterizing it.


To move your text, just drag and drop. To change your text color tap the Active Color Disc.


Procreate Actions: CANVAS

Here’s where you can Crop & Resize (A), add Drawing Guides (B), Flip your artwork along a horizontal or vertical axis (C), and even get some interesting facts about your canvas (D).


Crop and Resize

To crop freely just drag one of the light tabs on the sides or corners. This will adjust the number of layers your new size can have.

To crop uniformly, tap Settings then tap the chainlink (known as the Aspect Lock) between the width and height to lock in the width and height ratio (A).


Tap either the width or height box to enter your numbers and select the measurement type below.

You can also change your dpi but remember that this will change your canvas size, not the actual pixels, and it can sometimes reduce the quality of your work.

The standard dpi for print is 300 while the standard for screens is between 72 and 144. I always use 300 dpi even if I only plan to use it online. I can always make a copy and reduce the dpi with no quality loss, and if I ever decide to print it I’ll be able to use the original that was created with 300 dpi.

When Resample Canvas is on it engages the Aspect Lock.

Snapping allow the edges of your grid to snap to edges of your artwork to allow for a more precise cropping.

Animation Assist

Animation Assist offers options to help you with your animation, but it’s a bit more advanced so I won’t be going into it here.

Drawing Guide and Edit Drawing Guide

To add a visual guide, tap Drawing Guide, then tap Edit Drawing Guide where you’ll be able to choose from 2D, Isometric, Perspective, and Symmetry.


Below the choices you’ll be able to adjust the guides to your liking.


Symmetry which is at the end of your list of choices, offers several guide options (tap Options) which mirror what you draw from different axis.

If you take a peek at the top of your screen there’s a line with colors. You can tap or slide along it to select the color of your guide.



You may want to have a reference image nearby as you work. Tap Reference to turn your layer into a floating window that can be set anywhere on your canvas or off to the side.


Below your reference photo is a choice between Canvas and Image. Canvas will show you contents of the layer you are on while Image allows you to import a photo.


Flip Canvas Horizontally and Vertically, and Canvas Information

Flipping is pretty much self explanatory 🙂

Canvas Information

Canvas Information gives you the details of your canvas like your Dimensions, Layer Details, and Color Profile. Under About this Artwork you can digitally sign your work and add your photo which will be embedded in your .Procreate file.

Where you can add your photo and signature

Procreate Actions: SHARE

Procreate offers a variety of file formats you can use to share your work. They can be layered such as with a .psd format or flattened. You can also share files with a transparent background like pngs, and more!


If you want to keep everything about your artwork intact and include your canvas information as well as your Time-Lapse Recording, then select .procreate file format.

Procreate Actions: VIDEO

When you create a new canvas Time-Lapse Video will be enabled a 1080p resolution and set at good quality. You can adjust this at the very beginning (not during) when you set up your custom canvas from the gallery under time-lapse settings.


You’ll be able to Replay, Export, and Delete your Time-Lapse Video here.

Procreate Actions: PREFS & HELP

You can change the appearance of your canvas under Prefs. Play around with the settings to find what works for you.

You can select from a Dark or Light Interface. Move the sidebar to the left or right using the Right-Hand Interface toggle.

Turn on Brush Cursor if you’d like to see the shape of your brush outlined so you’ll know just how your marks will show on your canvas.


Project Canvas can connect a second display using a cable or Airplay.

You’ll be able to connect a third-party stylus here and add shortcuts and different functions.

Edit the pressure curve of your Apple pencil using Edit Pressure Curve. Tap Gesture Controls to make adjustments to things like your Smudge or Eraser Tools, Assisted Drawing, and more.

The Hand Gesture to Undo is to tap or hold 2 fingers on your screen. Rapid Undo Delay allows you to adjust the delay time before it is activated.

Selection Mask Visibility refers to the greyed diagonals that appear when you are working with the Selection Tool. This adjust the transparency of your diagonal shading.

Selection Mask Visibility set at 31%
Showing location of adjustments and special effects
Selection Mask Visibility set at 61.6%

Lastly, if you want to learn more about Procreate or get more help, tap Help.

Hey! You just completed Lesson 6 which means you just have 3 more lessons to go!

Now that you know what your Procreate Actions menu is all about you can set up your preferences and play around with the options until you’re happy, and then head over to Lesson 7 to learn about making Adjustments!

See you there!

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