Lesson 3: Procreate Colors Panel


Using the Procreate Colors Panel is Easier than it Looks!

Hey there! Ready for Procreate Basics Lesson 3? If you’re a total newbie and haven’t checked out Lesson 1 or 2, you may want to take a peek there first. 🙂

This quick lesson is all about the Procreate Colors Panel which might seem a bit intimidating at first, but you’re going to see that it’s really quite simple!

You can find the Procreate Colors Panel by tapping the Active Color Disc at the top right of your canvas. It’s a little color disc and it will show the currently selected color.


At the bottom of your panel are 5 tabs:

I’ll start with the Disc tab, and as with previous lessons, when I say, “Apple pencil” it also means whatever stylus you’re using. 😉

Procreate Colors Panel: The Disc Tab

The first thing you’ll see in your Disc tab is the large colorful disc with a colorful ring around it.

The colorful ring is where you select your Colors (aka hues). Use the center disc to adjust the Saturation and Brightness for that color. Just drag your Apple pencil across the disc to find your perfect combination.

procreate colors panel

At the top right you’ll see two boxes. Tap one of the boxes and select a color below. Do the same with the other box. Now you can toggle back and forth between the two colors by tapping them.

Below this disc you’ll see a History of your recently used colors, and at the bottom is your Default Color Palette.

  • To add colors to your palette just select a color from your disc or canvas and tap one of the empty spaces in your palette.
  • To delete a color, hold your Apple pencil down on it for a second then let go. A little ‘Delete’ pop-up will appear so you can delete it.
  • To move a color, hold your Apple pencil down on it for a second then drag and drop it to a new spot.

Your History and Default Color Palatte will show in all of the other tabs with the exception of history which doesn’t show in the Palettes tab.

Procreate Colors Panel: The Classic Tab

You can also select your color in the Classic tab. It does the same thing as in the Disc tab but it’s just a different way of doing it.

  • Select your Hue (or color) using the top slider.
  • Control your Saturation with the middle slider.
  • Control the Brightness with the bottom slider.

You can drag your pencil across the large square at the top to adjust your Saturation and Brightness as well.

A little circle will pop up when you do this. You’ll notice that the circle will show two halves when you start sliding it around. The color on the left is your previous color and the new color will be on the right.

Procreate Colors Panel: Color Harmony Tab

Here you can select color combinations with Harmonious Contrasts which are based off of color theory. You can select from:

  • Complementary
  • Split Complementary
  • Analogous
  • Triadic
  • Tetradic

Select your Color Harmony by tapping the subtitle at the top left. Depending on which Color Harmony you select there will be 2 or more reticles (clear discs) in your Hue/Saturation Disc.

You’ll select your Hue and Saturation in the disc and adjust your Brightness with the slider below it.


Drag one of the reticles around your disc and the other reticles will move along with it, selecting colors that are harmonious to it.

Again you should see your recent History and the Default Color Palette in this tab..

Procreate Colors Panel: The Value Tab

The Value Tab is really useful if you need a very specific color and have a Hexadecimal Code. Those sliders above the hexadecimal code allows you to control the Hue, Saturation, Brightness as well as RGB Values.


Procreate Colors Panel: The Palettes Tab

Here you can create different Color Palettes and set the Default Palette that shows up on all other tabs.


To add a new palette, tap + then Create New Palette. You can also add from your camera, file, or photos which allows Procreate to create a palette for you.


To Share or Delete a palette swipe the palette to the left to reveal your choices.


To Rename your palette tap the current name.


You’ve reached the end of this lesson and I hope this tutorial has been helpful in breaking down how to use the Procreate Colors tabs!

For the most part, I mainly use the Disc Tab and it’s worked incredibly well for me. As you experiment with the different ways you can get your colors you’ll probably find a favorite.

How to Easily Select Black & White in Your Color Disc

Before I finish up this lesson, here are a few useful tricks to make things a little easier:

To get black, just double tap on the darkest part of your disc.


To get white, double tap the lightest part of your disc.


To switch back to the last color used hold down the Active Color Disc and Procreate will grab that color for you.

If you want to keep one of your color panels open as you work just tap the color disc icon, then pull your panel away from the line at the top. Keep in mind that it will be a simplified version You won’t see your History or Default Palette. Tap X to close.


Next, I’ll break down the Layers Panel in Lesson 4, so I’ll see you there!

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