Greens, Beans, & Bacon Soup Recipe

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bowl of beet greens, beans, and bacon with a tortilla soup recipe

This Smoky Beet Greens, Beans, & Bacon Soup Recipe is Packed with Flavor & Nutrition!

I am a huge fan of soup and I’ve been known to say that I could eat it every day, except when it’s blistering hot outside, but even then I wouldn’t turn it down (if there is air-conditioning 😊).

With the fall weather setting in and inching closer to winter the soup cravings are waaaay up there!

I love soup for how easy it is to make, sometimes only requiring just a handful of ingredients. You can add almost anything to a big pot of stock so there’s a lot of room for creativity! Best of all, it never fails to make me feel so warm & happy!

This mouth-watering bean and bacon soup recipe with greens came about thanks to a wonderful friend and neighbor who has shared many of her beets with me and my husband, and the beet greens you’ll see in my photos are also from her lovely veggie garden.

Now, if you’re not a fan of beets, don’t worry! There are no actual beets in this soup… I’m saving them for another day, and you can also use other large leafy green as an alternative if beet greens aren’t accessible.

This soup recipe is pretty easy and it’s made in your crock pot or any slow cooker so you can get it started and do what you gotta do until you’re ready to settle in for some delicious eats!

Each and every savory spoonful just gets the salivary glands going! Yes!

Here’s What You’ll Need to Make this Greens, Beans, and Bacon Soup Recipe.

Chicken Stock

  • I really love Better than Bullion Chicken Base to make my soup stock but stock bases and bullions typically have a lot of sodium, even the low sodium ones. If you’re watching your sodium then you may want to make your own chicken stock and try some celery salt. I’ll have a recipe for that soon!
  • Your stock base will mix better if your water is warm.

Beet Greens

  • I always cut the stems off and cook them first since they’re a bit thicker. I don’t want my leaves to be overcooked so they go in during the last hour while the stems go immediately into the crock pot.
  • You can use other types of large leafy greens for this soup such as swiss chard if beet greens aren’t accessible.

White Beans

  • My favorite is the great northern white bean for it’s mild creamy taste and texture, and it’s amazing at soaking up flavor!


  • You can’t go wrong with garlic. Add as much garlic as you’d like!


  • Bacon isn’t a must for this soup recipe but it goes so well with all of the other ingredients that if you’re a meat eater I’d highly recommend not skipping out.
  • Always try to go for nitrate-free bacon.


  • The combination of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper will soak into your beans and beet greens… so good!

How to Make this Beet Greens, & Bacon Soup Recipe

Turn your crock pot on high and add your water & stir in your chicken bullion until it is fully dissolved. You can also use chicken broth if you prefer.

Next, wash your greens and separate the stems from the leaves.

Chop up your stems and add them to your slow cooker. Chop up the beet greens and set them aside.

chopped beet leaves stems
beet leaves chopped

Roughly chop your garlic and add them to your slow cooker along with the white beans and spices.

chopped garlic
crock pot full of beet greens and spices

Cut 2 – 3 slices of bacon into 1 inch pieces and add them to the slow cooker. Cook on high for the next 4 hours.

crock pot with ingredients and spices, including bacon

Then add your chopped beet greens and reduce to low. Cook for another hour.

beet greens added to soup in crock pot

At the end of the last hour add salt to taste. Keep your soup on low and fry up your bacon.

Once your bacon is done add your soup to a bowl and top it with some bacon! Warm up some bread and have it on the side if you’d like.

bowl of soup with greens, beets, and bacon
bowl of beet greens, beans, and bacon with a tortilla soup recipe

This soup recipe is hearty and will fill you up so start with a small bowl then consider seconds!

Want to Turn This Soup Recipe into a Vegan Meal?

Just use a vegetable broth or bullion and leave out the bacon and add an extra can of white beans.

. . .

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Bowl of beet greens, beans, and bacon soup
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