Fabric Patterns & Wallpaper Designs

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Fabric with sage background and 2 skulls forming a heart and lotus in between
clean white background with luna moth and small full moon fabric
Fabric with deep orange background designed with flowers, crescent moons, moth and black cats. Symmetrical damask layout

Snakes and Sirens Fabric in sage-blue
Fabric with a purple plum background and beetles with a crescent moon. Mystical simple design
Fabric with light sage background, all seeing eye, laurels and crescent moons. Offset pattern
White fabric: beetles with rose on back surrounded by simple laurels and a crescent moon above it
Earth tone fabric with death mask and skull with details of bugs, roses, and teeth
White fabric with magenta feathers with a crescent moon, and white feathers with simple laurels and a moth.
Fabric with flying birds, feathers, and flowers
Pink fabric with moth and crescent moon silhouettes
Boho white fabric with flowers and fling birds with filagree accents on body
Deep purple fabric with black bats hanging upside down on crescent moons. Stars in background
Medium navy blue background with square sections filled with death head moth and crescent moon
Avocado green fabric with a goth girl, skeletons, bats, heart in a glass. Halloween and goth aesthetic. Rich colors
White fabric with moth surrounded by large flowers and a crescent moon
Cut & Sew Fabric with boho sleeping fox and instructions. Makes a small fox and a large fox.
Grim reaper fabric. Large red sickle, cat on shoulder. Full moon and bats in the sky
White background with damask fabric pattern. Blue columbines and other flowers, and moths
White background fabric with bee and peonies around it. Offset pattern
Fabric with pyschedelic mushrooms, a snail, raindrops, and crescent moon
Halloween fabric with pink and white striped background. Cupcakes with an eye or fangs and long tongue. Candy corn, teeth, bats, and raindrops around them.