Embroidery Designs

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All patterns come with transfer & hooping instructions, & embroidery stitch tutorials which link back to detailed tutorials & videos.

crescent moon and orbits in a long diamond shape surrounded by laurels embroidery design.
triple moon embroidery with white flowers and leaves.
moth embroidery with leaves
wiccan flower with 3 crescent moons on each tip of a triangle, and laurels.
Felt applique hooped embroidery. Hear with ribs surrounded by flowers and lace. Crescent moon at the top
triple moon hooped embroidery with leaves and small flowers
Girl in Cat Mask Embroidery
Rose with Skull Embroidery Line Embroidery
felt applique black moth with rain clouds on wings. Upside down crescent moon behind it with laurels
hooped embroidery anatomical heart with flowers and butterflies
hooped embroidery: hand with 4 elements surrounded by mustard yellow flowers and laurels. Triple moon above hand.
flowers embroidery with basic stitches
hooped embroidery with a snake wrapped around a pelvis. Laurels around it and a crescent moon above.
snake embroidery with laurels
rose with leaves and an eye in the center
cat skull on crescent moon and mushrooms on head. Hooped embroidery with black background
lungs embroidery with butterflies and a rose
oval hooped embroidery on black. Coffin with flower and bat wings. Red flames around it.
skull with a moth over one eye and flowers on each side of head
hooped embroidery: 2 crystals with leaves and flowers tied together with a small crescent moon accent
hooped embroidery with 2 peonies
succulent plant in a pot that looks like 2 leaves. hooped embroidery
hooped embroidery: tooth with a full moon and crescent moon, flowers around it.
hooped embroidery with planchette and flowers
hooped crystal and flowers embroidery
small mushrooms embroidery with laurels and a crescent moon
hooped embroidery with a crystal, all seeing eye, a tear, laurels, triple moon, and dots