Easy Snowflake Embroidery Patterns

Hooped Embroidery snowflake art on red background with pinecones and gold needles

Easy Snowflake Embroidery Patterns (and Tree) are Here!

It’s early December and I can’t wait for it to snow so I’ve created a little handful of cute snowflake embroidery patterns (and a tree) last week to keep me company until they start falling! I get that not everyone likes snow but who doesn’t love snowflakes? 🙂

I had actually hoped to have these done sooner but it has been a bit crazy over here in my neck of the woods which included an emergency hospital stay for my husband, but things have settled down and I finally got around to creating these holiday cuties!

I’ve had these easy snowflake embroidery patterns in the back of my mind for awhile and I wanted to keep them easy using basic embroidery stitches so they’re pretty quick to stitch up.

I made them all for 4″ hoops because it’s just a nice size if you’re looking to make a tree ornament or stocking stuffer. Plus they won’t take you days to stitch up, in case you wanted to make them all now.

Free & Easy Snowflake Embroidery Pattern

While I’ve added a couple of my easy snowflake embroidery patterns to my Etsy shop, I am gifting you one of my quick and easy snowflake embroidery patterns as a holiday gift!

Hooped Embroidery snowflake art on red background with pinecones and gold needles

Download this easy snowflake embroidery pattern and once you’ve transferred the pattern to your fabric & have it hooped, come on back and stitch along with me! You’ll need a pdf reader for this.


You can use this pattern for your personal use to decorate your home, tree, or to gift to friends… they make cute stocking stuffers (and it won’t take you long to make it)!

. . .

Easy Snowflake Embroidery Tutorial

Okay, so you should have your hooped fabric with your pattern transferred and your needle and threads which are listed in the pdf download. Feel free to use your favorite colors, btw.

Here are the stitches you’ll be using, and if you need a refresher on how to do them the names are clickable and will take you to the tutorials:

Step 1

Back stitch using 4 strands of dmc #964 and outline parts of the snowflake which are extending out from the center. Don’t stitch the center.

Add 2 rows here to make the section a bit thicker.

Step 2

Next, back stitch the center of your snowflake using 4 strands of dmc #820.

While you’re doing this, add a little seed stitch where you see the little red circle below. This will go at the end of every other part that extends out from the center.

Step 3

In the tips that are wide use a 2 strand back stitch to add some lines. Use either white or S712, a satiny silvery-white. I used S712 to give my snowflake a touch of shimmer. It’s much more noticeable in person.

Step 4

Finish the pattern using 2 strands of dmc #820 to create french knots in the narrower tips.

Step 5

Finish off the back by pulling the fabric together using the running stitch. Add felt to the back using the blanket stitch if you want to cover the back of your hoop. This step is optional but it really does give your embroidery piece a much more polished feel, and it’s a nice detail that I highly recommend.

Want Another Freebie?!

Yes, there’s another and this one is in my Creative Resource Library which is just for newsletter subscribers… but don’t worry! It’s easy to sign up, and once you do I’ll send you the password to get in. There are other free embroidery patterns (and other goodies) in there so you’ll be kept busy!

More Embroidery Patterns for the Holiday Season

If you are itching to stitch a couple more holiday related embroidery pieces you can find another snowflake and a holiday tree in my Etsy shop.

4 hooped embroidery art, snowflakes and a holiday tree

Happy Holidays!

Even though the last couple of years have been crazy for many of us I hope everyone is still doing well, able to make the best of things, and be able to enjoy this holiday season. I wish for 2022 to be so much better for everyone!

Enjoy the free snowflake pattern!

Love and be kind to one another ❤️