How to Create Gold Foil Texture in Photoshop

gold foil texture

Easy DIY Gold Foil Texture for Your Crafts or To Sell

Digital foil textures are quite popular on Etsy and other digital shops, and while it might look complicated and difficult to create, it’s actually quite simple and I’m happy to share the steps with you!

Digital gold foil texture can be printed for your creative projects, used for online images, and my favorite… use it during the clipping mask process to add gold foil texture in digital illustrations as accents! You can also create an array for foil textures that you can sell as digital paper online.

Whatever you end up using it for I think you’ll really like the simplicity of creating them and the results you get as you incorporate them into your work.

I’ll go over the process step-by-step so you’ll know how to do this within the next 15 minutes.

Let’s jump right in!

Gold Foil Texture: Step One

Open up Photoshop and create a new document at 1800 x 1800 pixels.

  • Enter 300 for the resolution if you plan to print your gold foil texture. Otherwise, 72 pixels is all you need if it’s only going to be used online.
  • Choosing your color mode.
    • This one is sometime a little tricky because there are some print shops who will only accept rgb for print.
    • I usually select rgb for that reason but the general rule is as follows:
      • select rgb for online use
      • select cmyk for print use
  • Click the Create button.
panel to set up size, resolution, and color mode

Gold Foil Texture: Step Two

Open your layers panel…

  • If you don’t see it off to the side then you can find it by going to your menu at the top: Select Layer > Window.
  • You should see a background layer which is locked. Unlock it by clicking the lock icon next to the layer’s name. Your lock will disappear to indicate that your layer is now unlocked.

It’s good practice to name your layers when you have more than one layer. Our gold foil texture isn’t complicated so you can skip this step, but if you want to give it a try you would just need to double click the text on that layer to name it.

arrow pointing to a lock on the background layer

Gold Foil Texture: Step Three

Next, let’s select the foreground and background colors for your gold foil texture.

  • In your side panel you should see two squares with color in them.
  • Click the one on top which is your foreground color. It will open up your color picker panel.
    • Select a light to medium yellow, or go to the # and enter f8cb45.
    • Click OK
Photoshop's color picker in the saturation and brightness box box for yellow.
  • Then click the box below it which is your background color.
    • Select a dark warm ochre or brown, or go to the # and enter 3c3111.
    • Click OK
  • If you’re not familiar with how to select color from the color picker…
    • Click the general color you want on the colorful side bar.
    • It will change the large color box to that color with different hues.
    • Click anywhere in that box to get the color you want.
    • If you see an exclamation point it means you may not get the exact color you want so try to avoid that. It’s a bit complicated to go over in this tutorial so if you want to learn more about selecting color visit Adobe.

Gold Foil Texture: Step Four

  • Go to the menu at the top of your screen and select Filter > Render > Clouds.
  • You’ll get a not so pretty image that looks something like this:
black and ochre yellow fuzz

Gold Foil Texture: Step Five

Here comes the exciting part! Return to your menu at the top of your screen.

  • Choose Filter > Filter Gallery > Distort > Glass
  • Next, change the setting as follows:
    • Distortion = 20
    • Smooth = 2 or 3
    • Texture = frosted
    • Scaled = 170
  • Click OK.

You now should have a beautiful gold foil texture staring back at you!

Let’s adjust the brightness and contrast…

  • Go to Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast.
    • Increase brightness to 50.
    • Increase contrast to 35.
gold foil texture

Gold Foil Texture: Step Six

Your last step is to save your hard work!

Before you do that, let’s lock that layer. All you have to do is select that layer and click the lock icon which you should see just above it.

To save, go to File > Save As > and save your file as a jpeg, png, or tiff.

Creating Other Foil Colors

Just as we were able to increase the brightness and contrast we can also change the color of our gold foil texture!

To Create a Silver Foil Texture:

  • Go to Adjustments > Black & White
  • Then return to Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast and play with the levels.
  • You can make your silver shinier by increasing the Exposure (also found under Adjustments)

To Create Other Colors:

You can follow the steps above but choose foreground or background colors that will help you create the color you want, OR just use the gold and play around with the hue & saturation or color balance (also under Adjustments) until you get the achieved look!

. . .

You’ll now be able to create lovely gold foil textures and other digital foil textures that you can use to spruce up your creative projects or to sell!

Next, learn how to use your gold foil texture with a clipping mask, and feel free to pin this in case you ever need to find this post again 🙂

. . .

How to Create a Gold Foil Texture in Photoshop with gold foil texture in gold
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