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    Split Stitch & Split Back Stitch Tutorial

    The Split Stitch vs. The Split Back Stitch It’s time for another simple embroidery stitch tutorial! We’re going to focus on the split stitch and split back stitch. I want to cover both at the same time because they look very similar to each other and begin basically the same way, but they have a couple of differences worth mentioning.…

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    Satin Stitch Tutorial

    The Satin Stitch is a Super Easy Stitch for Filling Spaces! If you want to create a simple fill for a shape there’s the satin stitch which is essentially rows of thread stitched closely together. They can be laid out vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and used for all sorts of shapes. There are a few different ways to do this.…

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    French Knot Tutorial

    French Knots are as Cute as a Little Button! I’m a big fan of the french knot and I’m “knot” the only one 😉. Not only are they cute and adorable, but you can really get into a zone which can be very meditative when you’re making a bunch of them. They can be used as filler or accents, and…

  • Back stitch hearts. One in red and the other in yellow
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    Back Stitch Tutorial

    The Back Stitch is Super Easy! Just like the running stitch, the back stitch one of the most basic of basic stitches and you’ll probably use it quite often. Just imagine the running stitch which is like those dashed lines you see on the highway with gaps, except with the back stitch you’ll remove those gaps and bring the stitches…

  • light blue chain stitch fill in a flower
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    Chain Stitch Tutorial

    The Chain Stitch Creates Nice Solid Lines and Fills While the chain stitch can use up a lot of thread it is one of my favorite embroidery stitches because it can create some nice solid lines with a bit of volume and texture. It can easily add a bit of interest to an embroidery piece as either an outline or…

  • heart made of a running stitch on an embroidery hoop
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    Quick and Easy Running Stitch

    The Running Stitch is One the The Easiest of Stitches Anytime basic embroidery stitches are brought up the running stitch will always be mentioned. It’s very basic and in its simplicity it’s really a group of dashed lines (kind of similar to what you would see on a highway). Each stitch will be about the same size and lay at…