• 5 variations of the back stitch on an embroidery hoop
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    5 Easy Back Stitch Variations

    5 Fun & Easy Back Stitch Variation! I love it when a simple stitch can be used to creatively create variations that are full of character so I’m going to hit upon 5 back stitch variations because they’re fun and easy, plus there’s no doubt they will pop up in some future pdfs I’ll be creating! Before diving in, be…

  • Embroidery hoop with 10 blanket stitch variations
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    10 Easy Blanket Stitch Variations

    Here are 10 Fun Blanket Stitch Variations! It’s time for another embroidery stitch tutorial so I’m going to over the blanket stitch which you might associate with sewing blanket edges, but you can use it to incorporate simple designs and embellishments into your embroidery work! I’ll first show you how easy it is to create a basic blanket stitch, then…

  • group of 3 separate fly stitches
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    Easy Fly Stitch Tutorial

    The Easy Little Fly Stitch It’s all about the fly stitch today because it’s so similar to the fishbone stitch which I went over in my last blog post. I used it to create leaves and I’m going to do the same with the fly stitch so you can compare the two and get a good grasp on how they’re…

  • embroidery hoop with 3 leaves made of the fishbone stitch
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    Fishbone Stitch Tutorial

    Three Variations of the Fishbone Stitch The fishbone stitch is one of my favorite embroidery stitches for creating leaves and feathers. It’s fun, simple, and it can fill in a shape fairly quickly. It resembles a satin stitch in some ways but it’s very much different. The satin stitch runs up and down, left to right, or side to side.…

  • ombre triangle made of seed stitches
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    Small But Mighty Seed Stitch

    Sometimes, Wonderful Things Come in Small Packages… Like the Seed Stitch! … and this is true of the wonderfully simple but lovely seed stitch, also known as the rice stitch. What the seed stitch really is is a single straight stitch, going from point A to point B to create a small line. It’s truly that simple. It has very…

  • Stem stitch & Outline stitch
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    Stem Stitch and Outline Stitch Tutorial

    Stem Stitch vs. Outline Stitch It’s another day and another embroidery stitch tutorial. Let’s dive into the stem stitch and the outline stitch. They both have a lovely twist, like a rope with a fairly consistent width. The stem stitch and outline stitch are great for outlines, creating stems for flowers, and curves. They create nice solid lines and they…

  • Lazy daisy stitches single and as flowers in pink and maroon
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    Lazy Daisy Stitch Tutorial

    The Lovely Lazy Daisy Stitch is Easy & Versatile When I first dove into embroidery, one of the stitches I wanted to learn right away was the lazy daisy stitch. I didn’t know what it was called at the time but I had seen it in lots of embroidery art. I thought they were super cute and adorable, and when…