• Very basic embroidery tools: white fabric, embroidery thread, and needles
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    Basic Embroidery Tools

    The Very Basic Embroidery Tools: Needles, Fabric, & Thread Your very basic embroidery tools include your needles, fabric, and thread and they make up the essential materials you absolutely must have to start stitching. Okay, scissors are important too! And while there are other embroidery tools that make stitching a bit easier, like an embroidery hoop, I’m just going to…

  • hand embroidery supplies
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    9 Hand Embroidery Supplies for Beginners

    A Simple List of Hand Embroidery Supplies for Newbies! Oooh! Are you excited about taking your first step into hand embroidery? I’m excited for you because if you’re like me and love creating beautiful things with your hands you’re going to become obsessed! You don’t need much to get started, and because hand embroidery supplies are fairly small & lightweight…

  • embroidery hoop and fabric
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    Setting Fabric onto your Embroidery Hoop

    Stretching Your Fabric onto Your Embroidery Hoop is Super Easy! While you don’t really need an embroidery hoop to create your stitches it definitely helps to have your fabric stretched out. It makes it easier to stitch and because your fabric is taut you have much less of a chance of creating uneven stitches which can sometimes result in some…