• rose made from the woven wheel
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    Woven Wheel Stitch Tutorial

    ‘Wheel’ Be Learning How to Create the Woven Wheel 😉 Fall is here and I’m feeling that chill in the air, especially at night, but I prefer cooler weather so I welcome it! I will miss the flowers but they’ll be back before I know it. Speaking of flowers, I listed a floral embroidery pdf pattern in my Etsy shop…

  • fly fish and fishbone stitch open filled leaves
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    Open Fill Fly and Fishbone Stitch

    How to Fill Leaves with the Open Fill Fly Fish & Fishbone Stitch Hey, how’s it flying? Pun intended 😉 With nights getting cooler and cooler the leaves on my trees are beginning to change colors and drop so I guess you can say it has inspired me to do today’s tutorial on how to open fill leaves using the…

  • Embroidery hoop with 7 flowers
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    7 Easy Flower Embroidery Tutorials

    7 Flower Embroidery Tutorials You Can Master Easily! Oh flowers! Mother Nature definitely made sure we have plenty to love and be inspired by. And while some of us may have allergies to certain flowers, like myself, it’s still hard not to ignore just how beautiful they are. Their popularity is pretty obvious when you see them popping up in…

  • star stitch
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    Star Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

    Star Stitch Plus a Bonus Stitch Tutorial Let’s jump right in and get to our quick embroidery tutorial! I’ll be going over the star stitch which is one of my absolute favorite stitches to use because it’s oh so easy & perfect for beginners! Plus, it’s such a lovely little accent design which adds a touch of character to your…

  • 5 variations of the back stitch on an embroidery hoop
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    5 Easy Back Stitch Variations

    5 Fun & Easy Back Stitch Variation! I love it when a simple stitch can be used to creatively create variations that are full of character so I’m going to hit upon 5 back stitch variations because they’re fun and easy, plus there’s no doubt they will pop up in some future pdfs I’ll be creating! Before diving in, be…

  • Embroidery hoop with 10 blanket stitch variations
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    10 Easy Blanket Stitch Variations

    Here are 10 Fun Blanket Stitch Variations! It’s time for another embroidery stitch tutorial so I’m going to over the blanket stitch which you might associate with sewing blanket edges, but you can use it to incorporate simple designs and embellishments into your embroidery work! I’ll first show you how easy it is to create a basic blanket stitch, then…

  • coloring fabric with embroider flower
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    Coloring Fabric For Embroidery

    Do you want to explore a few different ways of coloring fabric for your embroidery work? I know I do! I’m pretty excited to dive into this because I haven’t tried it yet and I’ve been itching to play with a variety of mediums to see which will become my favorite! While crayons and watercolor are pretty popular for coloring…