• 6 zipper pouches with luna moths on white background
    DIY Craft Projects

    Quick 20 Minute Zipper Pouch

    Easy Zipper Pouches You can Make to Gift or Sell I hope your summer is being well spent enjoying nature & the sunshine! My flowers are all blooming, veggies are growing, and the wildlife population where I live has grown quite a bit. I get lots of my inspiration from all of these things & I love every bit of…

  • diy Cloth napkins with different patterns
    DIY Craft Projects

    DIY Reusable Cloth Napkins

    Cloth Napkins are Reusable & Cost Effective Those two reasons alone are great reasons to use them. Unlike disposable paper napkins, cloth napkins are washable, reusable, and available in more designs which means you can match them to your personal decor, event, or holiday! They look & feel nicer, and they can spruce up your dining table with a little…

  • Holiday Gift Bag with a red ribbon filled
    DIY Craft Projects

    Sewing Tutorial Holiday Gift Bags

    Simple DIY Holiday Gift Bag Sewing Tutorial When the year is almost over you know it’s time to get ready for the holidays! Having been home most of the year, I’ve been able to spend more time bonding with my dog and throwing together some mean dishes & pastries. I love my savory foods but I have biscuits, cookies, banana…

  • moth calendar tea towel
    DIY Craft Projects

    How to Make Your Own Tea Towels

    Spoonflower Makes it Easy to Create Your Own Tea Towels! Pretty much everyone has a collection of tea towels in their kitchen. Not only are they useful but they can add a little character to a space where many of us spend hours putting love into cooking all sorts of delicious meals, being social, and of course, taking care of…