• Procreate Actions lesson 6. Actions menu open on ipad
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    Lesson 6: Procreate Actions Menu

    Procreate Actions help you Customize, Import & Share Files, Crop, Resize, & More! Want to learn how you can customize Procreate to suit your preferences using the Actions menu ? Let’s get started on Procreate Basics Lesson 6 🙂 Here is the itinerary in case you need to head back for a refresher on previous lessons: Lesson 1: Procreate Gallery…

  • Glitch applied to leaves with text: Procreate adjustments lesson 7
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    Lesson 7: Procreate Adjustments Tutorial

    Perfect Your Masterpiece with Procreate Adjustments! With Procreate Adjustments you can perfect your work of art by Adjusting Colors, Sharpness, Noise, Blur, and more, including special effects to make your work magical! So let’s get to it! Just in case you need a refresher on previous lessons, here are the links: Lesson 1: Procreate Gallery Lesson 2: Setting up your…

  • Procreate selection tool used to select part of a mushroom
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    Lesson 8: Procreate Selection Tool

    Fine Tune your Artwork with Procreate’s Selection Tool! If you ever need to adjust any part of your artwork the Procreate Selection Tool provides you with powerful and precise methods with control options to help you do just that. Are you ready to learn?! 😃 Lesson 1: Procreate Gallery Lesson 2: Setting up your Canvas Lesson 3: Colors Lesson 4:…

  • Dashed box with nodes around a mushroom. Procreate transform tool Lesson 9
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    Lesson 9: Procreate Transform Tools

    Use Procreate Transform Tools to Move, Scale, & Manipulate Your Artwork! Hey! Wow! We’re on our last Procreate Basics Lesson and it’s all about Procreate Transform and the ways you’ll be able to move and manipulate the size of your artwork. Here’s the list of lessons first, just in case you need a refresher before you dive into today’s lesson:…