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    Easy Procreate Stamp Brush Tutorial

    Learn How to Create an Easy Procreate Stamp Brush! Creating Procreate stamp brushes is fun and easy & if you’ve never made one before this Procreate tutorial will have you making your own within the next 15 minutes! So why would you want to make your own stamp or brush? While Procreate provides you with a whole bunch of brushes,…

  • Get to Know Your Procreate Gallery with the gallery open on ipad
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    Procreate Basics Lesson 1: The Gallery

    New to Procreate? Start with Procreate Basics! If you’re brand new to the world of Procreate then these lessons are just for you! Procreate opens the door for so much creative expression but you need to know how to use its tools to create sketches, drawings, paintings, and even animation! I’ve been using Procreate for about 5 or 6 years…

  • black and red rose flash tattoo art
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    Old School Flash Tattoo Art in Procreate

    How to Create Old School Flash Tattoo Art in Procreate Before we begin this Procreate tutorial let me go over some of the characteristics of old school flash tattoo art because to create your own you have to have an idea of what makes it what it is. Old school tattooers created flash tattoo art because they understood that tattoos…

  • Procreate Canvas Set Up Section
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    Lesson 2: Procreate Canvas Basics

    Meet Your Procreate Canvas! Hey there, are you ready for part 2 of my Procreate Basics Lessons? It’s time to learn how to set up your Procreate Canvas and give you a quick introduction of the icons along the top. If you haven’t visited Lesson 1 head there to learn all about the Gallery page so you understand how files…

  • procreate color basics
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    Lesson 3: Procreate Colors Panel

    Using the Procreate Colors Panel is Easier than it Looks! Hey there! Ready for Procreate Basics Lesson 3? If you’re a total newbie and haven’t checked out Lesson 1 or 2, you may want to take a peek there first. 🙂 Here’s the Itinerary: Lesson 1: Procreate Gallery Lesson 2: Setting up your Canvas Lesson 3: Colors Lesson 4: Layers…

  • Procreate Layer Basics with layers panel open on ipad
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    Lesson 4: Procreate Layers for Beginners

    Lesson 4: Breaking Down Procreate Layers Hey there! The last Procreate Basics Lesson covered the Color Disc and now it’s time to get into Procreate Layers so start with a fresh canvas (any size you’d like). If you need a refresher on how to do that head over to the previous post. Procreate Lessons Itinerary: Lesson 1: Procreate Gallery Lesson…