About My Creative Blog

Oh hello there,

I’m so happy that you’ve decided to stop by my creative blog!

I’m Jenny and I am an arts & crafts obsessed dog mom and wife, nature lover, and foodie who loves whipping up lovely designs & delicious dishes.

And hell yes, I cook for my 11 pound dog! I mean, who doesn’t do that for their ball of fur? 😊

When it’s not all about food, I love to stay busy with arts & crafts but my main squeezes (after my husband & pets, of course!) are related to embroidery, sewing, surface pattern designs, and illustrating in Procreate.

I’m also passionate about cooking, baking, self care, & health!

I believe that having a creative outlet, whatever it may be, is super important for personal growth and happiness, & through sharing my passions I hope to inspire and help you discover, nurture, and harness your own creativity & happiness! And that’s the reason I started my creative lifestyle blog!

So, here’s what you’ll find in my little corner of the internet…

For all you embroidery (and soon-to-be) lovers, you’ll find posts to get you started as a beginner. I’ve included tutorials (most with video tutorials) for stitches you’ll want to have in your arsenal to create beautiful and magical stitchery.

You’ll sometimes find simple and useful sewing projects with step-by-step instructions & patterns. This will include both machine and hand sewing projects.

Because I use Procreate a lot (and by that, I mean I use it almost daily) I’ll be adding tips, tricks, and lessons to help you and Procreate become really good friends.

And if you’ve joined my Creative Peeps Newsletter you’ll have access to my free Creative Resource Library where I’ll regularly add free and simple embroidery patterns as well as printables (things like art, cards, and planners) created in Procreate.

You’ll find posts to encourage you to practice self care & improve organization skills through ideas, checklists, and challenges because even if you’re not a crafter/artist, it’s only going to help you achieve goals and boost productivity as well as your happiness.

I believe it will help put you in the right mindset to be more creative, so they really go hand in hand.

From time to time I’ll include recipes, health and beauty tips because they’re all a part of self care. I might let a to-die-for dessert recipe slip in there someday (I make a mean chocolate chip cookie so I’ll share that taste bud blowing recipe with you soon). It may not be the healthiest thing you’ll devour, but it’s a great treat to have from time to time!

So there you have it… again, my blog is still a bit in its infancy, so thanks in advance for your patience as I fill it up with fresh posts!

I have a lot to do to grow my creative blog so I’m going to get back to it, and if you’d love for me to keep you in the loop when I have updates please sign up for my newsletter. I’d love to have you in my group of Creative Peeps!

🌙 Let’s make your life creative and magical…