I’m Jenny and welcome to my little blog. I’m an arts & crafts obsessed dog mom, wife, and foodie, and I’m here to share my passions with you.

We all have a creative side which comes in many forms, but not everyone has discovered theirs. Sometimes you just need a bit inspiration to find it, and my little nook on the internet is where I hope to spark your creative spirit.

The creative genes were passed on to me from my grandfather (thanks, grandpa!) and my creative outlets run the gamut from tattooing, creating art & graphics, fabric design, linocut printing, jewelry making, crafting, and stitching.

Having a creative outlet, whatever form it might take, has a place in each of our lives as a great stress reliever and can even be an easy way to incorporate a bit of meditation into your day.

embroidery designs

After nearly 15 years I’ve ‘retired’ from tattooing and I stay busy with all of my other creative project, but it’s embroidery that has a special place in my heart.

You’ll find lessons in my embroidery blog for beginners and stitch tutorials with steps, tips, tricks, and videos. Some of these tutorials include a free pattern you can enjoy.

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